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Gary L. Desmond, FAIA, LEED AP
“Creating great design is both a process and an outcome of a strategic partnership with our clients and their communities. It all begins with a collaborative spirit and outreach while gaining a true understanding of the aspirations and purposes of the organizations we serve, their unique qualities and needs. It then proceeds with passionate focus, open-mindedness, and team talent to do the right things the right way. In the end, the greatest satisfaction arises when the process and outcome is enjoyed by all, well beyond their expectations, and they are inspired by the places we make for them and for future generations.”
Colin R. Jones, AIA, LEED AP
“Architecture is the most influential blend of the art and science of our culture. It has the power to bring the benefits of enlightenment to the greatest number of our people into the furthest extent of society. Our duty is to wisely allocate the resources entrusted to us – it is a responsibility we take seriously, yet we hope to take ourselves less so.”
Douglas B. Hyde, AIA
"Since joining NAC Architecture I have been impressed with the passion that the leadership and staff have for the design of spaces for people; buildings that will be lasting contributions to the environments in which they are placed."
William M. Podobnik, AIA, LEED AP
“A passionate concern for the individual: As architects in general and as a healthcare architect specifically, this should always be our motivation. We have the responsibility and opportunity to improve the public’s wellbeing – directly and indirectly – through the buildings we design and the services provided within them.”
Ranko Ruzic, AIA
“As an architect, my primary commitment is toward helping people make places – places in which people can thrive, interact, and do good work. In other words, to simply be in more ways than one. Within the place making, I am particularly interested in the rigorous intertwining of the practical and the poetic. I feel that the practical and the poetic together help us create a more socially responsible, experientially palpable, effective, physically engaging architecture in which many can participate.”
Gregory J. Stack, AIA, LEED AP
“Our goal is to become partners with our clients in accomplishing their objectives. We want to earn the privilege to be considered a trusted adviser – someone our clients will turn to for advice as they make important decisions.”
Bruce B. Turner, PE, LEED AP
"The digital age has changed forever the expectations for the built environment. Walls, ceilings and floors are no longer simply barriers against the outside world. Rather, they define the space from which users expect to be able to interface with the world in ways previously not thought possible."