Federal Building/U.S. Post Office, Spokane, Washington
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U.S. Post Office/Federal Building
Spokane, Washington
Endowed with a superb site, and created with an enduring architectural style, the historic Federal Building/U.S. Post Office in Spokane has regained its position as a truly productive and prestigious part of the city's downtown urban fabric. The four-story building was originally constructed in 1909 in a style representative of the end of a relatively long period of monumental federal buildings designed by the Treasury Department, with an extension to the north completed in 1941. Completion of a comprehensive renovation of the entire facility brings a valuable building in risk of outliving its usefulness back to a secure future of productivity.
1996 Honor Award, American Institute of Architects (AIA)/Spokane
1994 Annual Prospectus Project Award Winner, General Services Administration
1994 Historic Preservation Award, Eastern Washington State Historical Society