Posada San Pedro and Pueblo de la Cienega Residence Halls, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
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Posada San Pedro and Pueblo de la Cienega Residence Halls
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Posada San Pedro and Pueblo de la Cienega are phase two of the Highland District Housing project. These housing buildings were developed around the concept of a "walled city", a medieval planning diagram known for its courtyards, human scale and high density. Each of the two courtyards make use of intense color and composition, which helps to convey a sense of surprise from the simple street diagram proposed for the neighborhood.
Special attention was paid during the development of the building diagram to the emerging sense of community contributed by each building element. The building is designed to encourage residents to spend time in communal spaces, increasing the informal learning that occurs through chance encounters. Benches, niches and overlooks encourage informal discussion. A major challenge to the design was making outdoor spaces for gathering which could be used in all seasons of the extreme desert climate.