Rhythm. Texture. Harmony. Proportion. It’s no coincidence that we talk about music the same way we talk about design. Besides sharing a similar vocabulary, these two disciplines parallel each other in more ways than one.
Experiencing a building can evoke the same feelings as listening to a piece of music. Various elements are designed, layered, and combined to create a cohesive masterpiece; each part of the built environment comes together to tell a story that inspires emotion. Similar to when you hear your favorite song and can’t help but sing. Or dance. Or play an epic air guitar solo.
But we all know that every great song is the result of a band of individuals that combine their skills to deliver an anthem that people remember. That’s why we are thrilled to celebrate this year’s team of rock stars, and the unique talents that they bring. These hard working individuals are dedicated to creating spaces that advance learning, enhance wellness, and enrich lives… and they consistently keep NAC topping the charts.
Rock on.
We asked each of our rock stars what their all-time favorite song was. Curious to hear what keeps their feet tapping, bodies shaking, and inspiration flowing? Visit their Spotify ® playlist to find out!