Park Orchard Elementary School, Moses Lake School District, Moses Lake, Washington
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Park Orchard Elementary School
Moses Lake School District
Moses Lake, Washington
Park Orchard Elementary is a new 46,851 square-foot school on a 10.6 acre site adjacent to a City of Moses Lake public park. The two sites were designed in collaboration to complement one another in order to achieve economy for both organizations. A third partner is the Boys and Girls Club of the Columbia Basin for whom a separate building has been designed to sit next to and match the school buildingÂ’s character.
By locating the two facilities on the same site, the school district and club are able to share resources that will provide tremendous value to the Moses Lake community at significant cost savings. Visual cues were taken from the rocky basalt outcroppings ringing the lake as well as from the tapestry of crop circles that edge up to the lake in order to derive the building aesthetic. This is manifested in roof form, concrete seat walls, paving and flooring patterns, interior soffits, and interior and exterior material compositions and color selections.