sn-w'ey'-mn Building, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, Washington
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sn-w'ey'-mn Building
Spokane Falls Community College
Spokane, Washington
Replacing three 1967 buildings on the Spokane Falls Community College campus, this new 70,000-square-foot, three-story structure features two wings - each housing a separate department - connected by a three-story atrium lobby space. Destined to become a landmark building, this business and social science building is designed as a contemporary interpretation of the existing campus architecture that celebrates progressive teaching and modern technology while fitting into the context of the campus. To promote the inclusion of features that minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency, the facility is LEED Gold certified by the USGBC. With the input of project stakeholders, sustainable concepts - including daylighting, energy efficiency, site conservation and natural ventilation - have been carefully explored and thoughtfully integrated into the design.
sn-w'ey'-mn is a Native American word in the Salish language that means a trading place for knowledge, materials, trades and commercial goods. The major artwork of the building is focused on the theme of commerce, tying together the two departments that will be housed in the building: Social Sciences and Business. Commerce was a mainstay of the regional tribes who traded extensively among themselves and with the coastal tribes. This naming recognizes the importance of commerce as it existed for thousands of years among regional tribes.